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This is a community for fanfics based on toy tie-in properties and the cartoons, comics and other media based around them, particularly (but not limited to)y those from the 1980s and their current incarnations.

Fandoms include (but again, are not limited to):
Transformers includes any and all incarnations from Generation 1 up through the present day -- toys, movies, cartoons, comics, etc.
GI Joe -- ditto, everything from the Real American Hero days up to the present live action film and new Resolute cartoon series; also, if you want to post fics about the pre-RAH incarnations of Joe, post 'em here!
Jem and the Holograms
He-Man -- both the original 80s cartoon and any and all relaunches
The Inhumanoids
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (again, all incarnations)
Ghostbusters -- Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters or even those Filmation Ghostbusters who ran around with the gorilla.

NOTE: The main requirement for a fandom to be included in this community is simply that the fandom be based around a toyline in some way, shape or form. The 1980s was, to me at least, the Golden Age of Animated Toy Commericals, but shows from the 1950s through the present (2010 and beyond) are also welcome.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, feel free to private message me or email me at dunmurderin (at)

* IGNORANCE OF THE RULES IS NO EXCUSE: This comm operates on a three-strikes policy.
* Rules/policies subject to change as needed at moderator's discretion (this is largely in place now because the community is just getting started).
* All fics must go under a cut. How To Do A Dreamwidth Cut. Fake cuts and/or linking to or from another journal or site is permitted. We don't care where the fics are, just so long as we can read them.
* Fics should have the following as a header above the cut:

Title: -- self-explanatory
Author: -- redundant, yeah, but easier to read in the post than on the sidebar sometimes.
Fandom/s: -- self-explanatory (Crossovers are welcome)
Characters/Pairings: -- note: "pairings" is just a default, threesomes or moresomes are welcome.
Labels/Warnings: -- for genre and/or content
Summary: -- a couple lines to let us know what's up in the fic.
Author's Note: -- this last is optional.

* All types of fics are welcome here -- slash, het, gen, threesomes, moresomes, noncon, dubcon, etc. Please warn for any content that is 18+ (explicit sex and/or graphic violence and/or mature themes. In other words, if you write GI Joe: Buckets of Bludd (WARNING: link leads to a potentially NSFW comic), you should have a warning).
* Since some of these properties have current incarnations, please, please, PLEASE post spoiler warnings for anything that has come out in the last two years.
* No flaming. Many of the fandoms covered here have separate and conflicting subcanons. All are welcome, even the ones you don't like. Even the ones *I* don't like.
* No plagarism.


Meta posts are welcome here with the following rules:

* Post meta under a cut -- fake cuts and/or links are ok as well.

Fan Art:

*ETA: 4/23/09 because I just now thought of it.

If you have fan art for any of the above fandoms, you're welcome to post about it here! Images should go under a cut to spare those on dialup; please follow the same rules for warnings as you would for fics. A header telling Fandom/Characters/etc. would also be appreciated.

OpenID Users:

Since OpenID users can only comment, not post directly to the community: If you are an OpenID user and wish to share a fic (or meta) you've written, you can post to The Openid User All-Purpose Thread with your links. You can't put in a direct link, but if you include the full link to the story, others can cut and paste the link into their browser. Please include the same header information as DW users in your post.

Note: Neither the comm nor its maintainer is located in Rhode Island, but Pawtucket is the home of Hasbro.

Interests (53):

80s toys, bayformers, beast machines, beast wars, biker mice from mars, crossovers, devil's due, dic, fanfic, filmation, g1, g2, gen, ghostbusters, ghostbusters extreme, gi joe, gi joe: resolute, gi joe: sigma 6, has/tak, hasbro, he-man, headmasters, het, idw, japanese transformers, jem, jem and the holograms, marvel comics, master splinter, masters of the universe, mattel, moresomes, ninja force, orko, real ghostbusters, retro, she-ra, shredder, skeletor, slash, slimer, slimer and the real ghostbusters, sunbow, takara, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the foot clan, threesomes, tmnt, transformers, transformers: animated, transformers: armada, transformers: cybertron, transformers: energon
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